‘Food in a time of crisis’: Resources from the EARC Conference 2023

Our conference in 2023 looked at food in a time of crisis.

Our food system is increasingly dysfunctional. Events such as the pandemic and the Ukrainian war have demonstrated how fragile it is, with production and supply disrupted and costs spiralling.

When food is available, there is a fierce debate about the nutritional benefits of processed products, the long-term impacts on population health, and even the morality and sustainability of dietary choices.

Our conference this year was a chance to debate these issues. Bringing together academics, researchers, businesses, policy-makers, charities and other organisations, it was an opportunity to explore the issues, make connections and start to work together to identify solutions to the current crisis we’re in.

To catch up with the presentations and discussions on the day, click on the sessions below, or browse the photos and recordings via the links on the right.