Our Structure

Eastern Arc is governed by a Board and Steering Committee, and is run by our Director with support from a Delivery Group, operational groups and the thematic champions.

The Board

The Board is the senior decision-making body of Eastern Arc. It provides strategic leadership to the Consortium, and takes collective responsibility for its long-term success.

The Board comprises:

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides the operational leadership of Eastern Arc. It gives oversight and monitors the initiative. It supports and advises the Director, and holds him to account for the performance of EARC.

The Steering Committee consists of the PVCs/DVCs and directors of services (as above).

The Director of Eastern Arc

The Director is Phil Ward. He provides day-to-day leadership of the Consortium, enacting the Strategy prepared by the Steering Committee and approved by the Board. He has the delegated authority to make decisions that accord with the wishes of the Committee.

The Delivery Group

The Delivery Group is an informal body that supports and provides background insight to the Director on the implementation of the EARC Strategy, and assists him in communicating, enacting, and monitoring EARC activities within the academic body of each university.

The Group consists of the associate (or deputy) deans of the universities of East Anglia, Essex and Kent with responsibility for research and innovation.

Operational Groups

The operational groups enact the actions of the Implementation Plan within their areas, where there is a need for a collective rather than an individual response. This includes an equipment sharing task and finish group, and a special collections group.

The operational groups are convened on an ad hoc basis, and the membership will vary accordingly. Nevertheless, each of the EARC universities will be represented in all of the operational groups.

Thematic Champions

The thematic champions are at the heart of our endeavour. We will be working with them to identify areas of common strength across the three universities in each of our four focus areas, and these will act as a focus for research and the funding that underlies it, as well as the essential engagement with the wider community in our region and beyond.

The full list of champions is available here.