Networks, groups and communities

At the heart of Eastern Arc is collaboration, conversation and cooperation. To enable this, a number of networks, groups and communities have been developed. These are both academic and professional services, and the diagram below gives an idea of how these fit together.

To find out about each, click on the links where available below, or contact Phil Ward.

Academic collaborations around our themes

For academic collaborations, our thematic champions take the lead on the broad areas of focus. Within these we have informal directories or ‘communities of common interest’ (CCIs), which allow people to share knowledge and opportunities informally, or networks, which develop capacity and take leadership in the area.

Culture, connection and creativity.

Health systems, social care and wellbeing

Human rights, equality and conflict

Sustainability, natural resources and food

Professional collaboration around special interest groups

For professional collaborations, the groups are either informal and ad hoc special interest groups (SIGs), or more formal networks that are developing capacity and taking leadership in the area.

Research and culture support

  • EDI Network (in development)
  • EU and international funding SIG
  • Heads of research SIG
  • Research development: Arts and Humanities; Sciences; Social Sciences (SIGs)
  • Researcher Development and Training Network
  • Visas and immmigration SIG

Technical support

Research resources