Articulation / Experience / Embodiment Research Network


Our experiences of the world are always embodied. We cannot help but speak from bodies; our bodies speak to us, in ways we may not consciously understand; and they also often speak for us in uncontrollable ways. As we articulate our embodied experiences, we bump against the understandings, experiences, and articulations of other-bodied people. The entanglements of articulation, experience, and embodiment mark every attempt to understand ourselves and every interaction with others.  

Articulation / Experience / Embodiment probes these entanglements at the heart of the critical medical humanities. Through workshops, provocations, and dialogue, the network examines crucial questions around the relationship between experience and representation; different forms, means and contexts of articulating knowledge and health and illness; and the methods for narrativizing embodied experience that open out techniques and spaces for empathy, healing and change.  

The research network spans Eastern Arc (UEA, University of Essex, University of Kent). Our approach is interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral. Our starting points for these investigations are queer theory, disability studies, and phenomenology. We are committed to participatory methods that further social justice and pursue this aim through engagement with health organisations with lived experience at the heart of their mission.  

If you would like to be part of the network, please contact the Steering Committee Lead (2022-23), Tracey Loughran.