Human Rights, Equality and Conflict

According to the World Justice Project, an estimated five billion people have unmet justice needs globally, including people who cannot obtain justice for everyday problems, people who are excluded from the opportunity the law provides, and people who live in extreme conditions of injustice.

This has been exacerbated by the rise of extremism, political instability and the climate crisis. Issues of migration, gender inequality, corruption and free speech mitigate against sustainable and fair development.

Challenging these issues is at the heart of what we are. The three Eastern Arc universities have always had a strong belief in the need to act on behalf of those within society who are not able to do so. This is clear in the strong, critical research in our law schools, which includes public protest at UEA, gender at Kent and the Human Rights Centre at Essex.

It is also manifest in our world-leading research on government, institutions, history, politics and international relations. Our schools, such as the Department of Government at Essex and the School for International Development at UEA, are recognised for the excellence of their research, and for the real world impact of their research globally.

We influence globally, but we also act locally. For instance, the law clinics of UEA, Kent and Essex provide pro bono advice to those unable to access justice, while also helping to train the next generation of lawyers.

To find out about who is leading our work in this area, and what we are currently doing, follow the links below.

Photo by Logan Weaver on Unsplash