OREA Network

The Open Research Eastern Arc (OREA) Network is the regional hub of an active community of inter-disciplinary researchers and professional services staff engaged in promoting open and reproducible research practises across disciplines. The goal of the network is to:

  • raise awareness of reproducibility issues and the solutions to overcome them.
  • raise awareness, share best practice, and maximize uptake of open and reproducible research practices across our universities.
  • develop joint activity to stimulate open and reproducible research practices across the region.

What is reproducibility?

For those new to reproducibility and the current issues faced by researchers, have a look at our position paper that explains the situation, the challenges and the opportunities, and outlines the importance of tackling the current crisis.

Other resources

There are a number of support organisations and other resources available to researchers in the UK. Click on the boxes to the right, or on the links below.

  • FORRT: The Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training (FORRT) provides a structure and resources aimed at supportig the teaching and mentoring of open and reproducible science.This includes a glossary of terms.
  • Open Science Framework: OSF is a free, open platform to support your research and enable collaboration.
  • UK Data Service. The UKDS is based at the University of Essex. It provides data management training, best practice, trusted policies and protocols to use the UK’s largest collection of economic, social and population data for research and teaching.
  • UK Reproducibility Network: The UKRN is a national peer-led consortium that investiages the factors that contribute to robust research, promoting training activities, and disseminating best practice. As part of its work it publishes UKRN Primers, which provide an overview of different topics, along with reasons for undertaking these practices and how you can do it.

Get involved

If you are interested in joining the network, please contact the head of the Network, Dr Stephanie Rossit. Stephanie is the Institutional Lead for UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) at UEA.

The work of the Network is supported by the EARC Open Access and Scholarly Communications Working Group. This meets regularly to discuss specific issues around OA, to share policy information and strategic direction, and develop resources to support academics across the Arc.

Upcoming events

In 2022/23 Eastern Arc is funding a series of events looking at maximising open research and reproducibility initiatives across our universities. The events are free to attend, and details are given below. In addition, there are a series of ‘ReproducibiliTea’ events at UEA that are open to all across the Arc.

Details of all of these are available below.