Articulation/Experience/Embodiment launch event: Registration open

18 May 2023

Amanda Couch

Registration is now open for the launch event for our new interdisciplinary research network ‘Articulation / Experience / Embodiment’.

Articulation / Experience / Embodiment

Our experiences of the world are always embodied. We cannot help but speak from bodies; our bodies speak to us, in ways we may not consciously understand; and they also often speak for us in uncontrollable ways.

As we articulate our embodied experiences, we bump against the understandings, experiences, and articulations of other-bodied people. The entanglements of articulation, experience, and embodiment mark every attempt to understand ourselves and every interaction with others.

The network will facilitate workshops, provocations, and dialogue to examine crucial questions around the relationship between experience and representation; different forms, means and contexts of articulating knowledge and health and illness; and the methods for narrativizing embodied experience that open out techniques and spaces for empathy, healing and change.

Launch event

The launch event will take place at the University of Essex on 20 June. It’s free and open to all.

The full programme is given below, and available as a downloadable pdf here. To register, click here.

10.00-10.30  Registration 
10.30-10.45  Welcome and introduction to the network 
10.45-11.45  Panel 

Harry Caton (University of Exeter), ‘“In Silence Speaking” – Deaf Poetry and the Politics of Silence in Fin-de-Siècle Britain’ 

Roanna Mitchell (University of Kent), ‘“Inappropriate Anger” and Embodied Practices of Believing’ 

11.45-12.00  Break 
12.00-1.00  Performance 

Elinor Cleghorn (independent scholar) and Dorothy Lehane (University of Kent) - with sequelae 

1.00-2.00  Lunch 
2.00-3.00  Christopher Bundock (University of Essex), ‘Dysphoria, Horror, Nymphomania: The Prehistory of Hysteria in 18th-Century Medicine and Romantic Literature” 

Maebh Long (University of Waikato), ‘Embodied Immunity in Advertising Copy: Finding Relation in Articulations of Isolation’ 

3.00-3.15  Break 
3.15-4.15  Ideas Workshop 

Building Medical Humanities in the East of England (title tbc) 

4.15-4.30  Closing reflections 
4.30-4.45  Break 
4.45-6.15  Keynote Lecture-Performance (online only) 

 Amanda Couch (University for the Creative Arts), ‘Repairing the Rupture: A Collaborative Performance Paper with Elder’ 

6.15-7.30  Wine reception 


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