EARC Imaging Platform Alliance (IPA): Apply to use equipment across the consortium

31 October 2023

A state-of-the-art Zeiss Gemini 300 scanning electron microscope (SEM) at UEA.

Academics working at the Eastern Arc universities of UEA, Essex and Kent can, from today, apply to use the imaging equipment and facilities at any of the other universities. They can also apply for associated travel and subsistence costs to cover visits of up to three days, in the first instance.

‘This is an exciting development for Eastern Arc,’ said the consortium’s director, Phil Ward. ‘It is the first step towards a wider sharing of our equipment and facilities. The Eastern Arc universities have cutting-edge imaging equipment to support world class research in the life sciences, including the recently-funded BBSRC light sheet microscope at Essex.’

The IPA has been deliberately kept as simple and unbureaucratic as possible, and is led by researchers for researchers. To find out more about the Alliance click here, and to apply to access the equipment, click here

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