How to apply to access EARC imaging equipment

Growth of Candida albicans over half a day, imaged using light-sheet microscopy. This human pathogen can form thin films on voice prostheses and catheters. A better understanding of how it grows can help us identify new ways to prevent it. Time is colour-coded, showing the start of growth in blue (0h) and ending in yellow-white (12h). Image credit: Philippe Laissue (Essex), Campbell Gourlay, Dan Pentland (Kent) and Intelligent Imaging Innovations.

In line with the basic principles of the IPA, the process for applying to access equipment and facilities is intended to be simple and unbureaucratic. 

Note that applicants should only apply to access equipment at another university if similar equipment does not already exist at their own. 

If you know what equipment you want to access

  • Identify the relevant equipment or facilities 

The Eastern Arc members have a diverse range of imaging equipment and facilities. These are listed here. Read through the descriptions of each and identify those that you want to use. 

  • Click on the name of the primary contact

This will automatically set up an email to the contact. In the email give details of: 

  • The equipment you want to use
  • The period (both duration and date) for which you want to use it
  • The procedure you want to undertake
  • Any additional help, support or training you may need.
  • Await confirmation 

The primary contact will assess your request and the available capacity that the equipment or facilities have. They will respond as soon as they have done so, giving further details as to how to access the facilities.

  • Apply for travel and subsistence costs

The IPA sharing scheme is currently in a pilot phase, and a small amount of funding is available for travel and subsistence between the universities. If you need these to be covered, you can apply to Eastern Arc to provide them.Note that value for money will be a criterion for funding, and visits should be limited to three days in the first instance. Click here to contact the Director, who will assess the request. After the pilot phase, it is envisaged that there would be a regular call for funding so that the IPA could plan and manage demand for its resources. 

If you don’t know what equipment you want to access

If you know the procedure you want to undertake, or the results you want to try and achieve, but don’t know what equipment would be most suitable to do so, click here and give details. The IPA will respond with a suggestion of which facilities would be appropriate.