Eastern Arc Conference 2022: The Collaborative Coast

Welcome to the Eastern Arc conference 2022.

This year our conference is focussed on our coast. Stretching from the Wash in the north to the Channel in the south, it offers huge opportunities – but also significant challenges.

Our conference is a chance for academics and regional stakeholders to come together to discuss key questions facing the coast, from addressing health inequalities to preparing for climate change, from harnessing renewable energy to supporting our creative community. 

Together, we will identify the issues, make connections and start to develop solutions.


The conference will take place at Wivenhoe House Hotel. To get there:


The programme is given below, or click on the image on the right for the downloadable pdf. For each session there is a dedicated webpage with a full abstract, speaker biographies, films and slides. To go to the relevant page, click on the links below, or the QR code in the downloadable programme.

Rooms for each session

The sessions will be taking place in four rooms:

  • Hooper and Woods
  • Grove
  • Signature
  • Drawing

To find out which room your session is taking place in, click on the session webpage or look at the table below.

Delegate list

The full delegate list will be available in the delegate pack, and online for those who attend are attending the conference.