EARC Conference 2022 – Kent and Medway listens: Improving mental health and wellbeing in seldom heard communities

Venue: Hooper and Woods
Kent and Medway Listens was the largest and deepest county-wide engagement exercise ever undertaken focusing on the mental wellbeing of the population.
It was a partnership between various community partners including Involve Kent, Kent equality cohesion council, Rethink Mental Illness, Social Enterprise Kent, Medway Voluntary Action (MVA), the Medway Diversity Forum, Befriending Together, MEGAN CIC, Centre for Independent Living, Medway Gender and Sexuality Diversity Centre and Medway Plus.It took the form of interactive, online workshops to give stakeholders, residents of Kent and Medway and those who have not been listened to, the opportunity to come together to hear what is impacting the population.
Farah Virani was involved in running the project and will discuss the outcome of the project, lessons learnt from it. She will then be joined by Edyta McCallum (Research, Innovation & Improvement (RII) Senior Programme Lead, Kent County Council) will talk about what KCC is doing now in terms of  developing a Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy.
Finally, Susan McPherson (Professor of Psychology and Sociology in the School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex) will talk about the wider and more general challenges of building mental health research capacity within a region.

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