EARC Conference 2022 – Winds of change: Governing offshore wind developments in the East of England

Venue: Signature Room

Offshore wind is a central element of the UK government’s energy strategy. The  2020 Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution sets the objective of increasing offshore wind capacity from 8 gigawatts (GW) to 40GW by 2030.The South North Sea (SNS), which borders East Anglia and Suffolk, has a large number of existing and planned offshore wind projects (22GW) and is therefore a crucial area for offshore wind development and the achievement of national objectives. These projects have attracted national and international companies and investors. 

The rapid, large-scale development of offshore wind in the SNS presents opportunities in terms of energy security, industrial development, job creation and coastal regeneration for the whole region. 

At the same time, offshore wind projects have also attracted controversies and been challenged by local communities, triggering local opposition focussed on disruption, wildlife destruction and landscape impacts. This session aims to explore the challenges and opportunities of offshore wind development across the Eastern Arc from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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