European Funding: UKRO Visits

In June and July 2021 we jointly hosted six sessions on European funding delivered by both the UK Research Office (UKRO) in Brussels and the UK’s National Contact Points (NCPs) for the EU’s new R&I funding programme, Horizon Europe.

They were an invaluable opportunity to get an overview of the whole programme, as well as specific insights into different parts of it, such as the European Research Council, specific challenges or ‘clusters’, and the COST actions.

Slides and recordings from the events are all available via the drop down sections below.

We have also prepared a simple introduction to Horizon Europe, The guide is available here.

If you have any questions, contact the relevant European funding expert at your university. They are:

  • Essex: Beate Knight (Research Development Manager EU/International, REO)
  • Kent: Sarah Tetley (Funding & Partnership Development Officer, RIS)
  • UEA: Ian Beggs (European Funding Manager, RIN)