What are the new opportunities for European funding?

20 May 2021

What is the new European research and innovation funding programme, and what are the opportunities for staff at the Eastern Arc universities of UEA, Essex and Kent?

This year, the three universities are working together to coordinate our annual visits by UKRO, the UK Research Office in Brussels.

By sharing access to these across EARC, we avoid duplication and thereby cover more issues and gather more information about the opportunities presented by the EU’s new framework programme, Horizon Europe.

In addition, it allows us to invite the national contact points (NCPs) for each of the areas to speak specifically about the UK’s involvement in the programme.

The events are an opportunity to get an overview of the programme, but also understand the details of different aspects of it. To see what these are and the full agenda for each day, go to our dedicated page for the visits. 


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