Second edition of Eastern Arc OA booklet published

10 March 2023

Open access (OA) has increased in profile and acceptance as a route for publishing academic articles and monographs, with a number of funders, including UKRI, mandating its use. 

However, there is still some uncertainty, confusion and concern about OA amongst some academics. The Eastern Arc OA and Scholarly Comms Group published a booklet last year that addressed 12 of the most concerns. It was written in a straigth-forward, jargon-free way, and offered some simple explanations of what OA is and the effect it will have on your research, as well as an honest look at both the pros and cons. 

The booklet has been revised with new content around intellectual property and copyright. The second edition is now available here (pdf), or on our Issuu bookshelf. If you have any questions about the booklet or OA more generally, contact us here.

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