Open Access Week: Essex events open to all

12 September 2023

As part of Eastern Arc’s work to open up training events and information days to colleagues across the Consortium, we are delighted to provide details of the Open Access Week events taking place at the University of Essex.

These are free and open to all colleagues across Eastern Arc. They are virtual, and will take place via Teams. To register, click on the link next to the event.

In addition to this series of events, the EARC OA and Scholarly Communications Group has published the second edition of its Open Access primer, OA: 12 Key Concerns Answered. Click here to download it free.

Programme details

This year, the global research community celebrates Open Access Week from the 23rd to the 29th of October. The theme focuses on community over commercialization, and with this in mind the University of Essex and the University of Derby are co-organising a week-long series of events.

We are excited to be joined by expert guest speakers and panelists from across the UK and Europe, including colleagues from the University of Essex and the University of Derby, to celebrate and showcase how Open Access and Open Research endeavors are challenging the status quo. 

  • Oct 23, 11:00am: Abeni Wickham- SciFree – Revolutionizing academic publishing, reducing costs for libraries, and empowering researchers. Details and booking.
  • Oct 24, 10:00am: Panel – Short Form Publications – Exploring challenges and progress in open access publishing. Details and booking.
  • Oct 25, 10:00am: Malvika Sharan – Open Science for Reproducible Research – Emphasizing transparency and ethical practices. Details and booking.
  • Oct 26, 11:30am: Panel – Open Access Books – Discussing benefits, challenges, and global access. Details and booking.
  • Oct 27, 2:00pm: Tim Fellows – Octopus – Innovative publishing model for collaboration and recognition. Details and booking.

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