New EARC guide to Horizon Europe

07 July 2021

Following our joint series of webinars on the EU’s new funding programme, Horizon Europe, we have produced a simple introduction that can help academics and professional service staff understand and navigate it.

Ian Beggs, the European Funding Manager at UEA, wrote the guide, and worked closely with Beate Knight (Essex) and Sarah Tetley (Kent). It gives an overview of:

  • The structure of the programme
  • Each element – or ‘pillar’ – including a summary of the schemes available
  • Wider issues such as partnerships, third countries, and widening participation
  • The ‘COST’ actions, which provide network funding.

The guide is available here (pdf) and on our Issuu channel, here. For more information on applying for European funding, talk to the experts in your research office:


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