EARC launches open research network

07 October 2022

Eastern Arc has established an open research network to highlight the importance of reproducible research and provide academics and researchers with the tools, advice and support necessary to ensure that their research is open and robust.

Led by Dr Stephanie Rossit (UEA), the Network will mirror and amplify, on a regional scale, the work of the UK Reproducibility Network.

As a first step, the Network has developed a website that will act as a ‘one stop shop’ for open research, signposting the support available at the universities of East Anglia, Essex and Kent, the resources available nationally, and the events that are open to those at the three universities.

In addition, Eastern Arc has provided funding for a series of events including an annual conference, and is encouraging colleagues to get involved with its activities, eitther in leading or participating in them.

To find out more about the Network and to get involved click on the link here. For the background context to the reproducibility crisis, have a look at our position paper, here

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