EARC experts explain Covid-19 tests and keeping well in lockdown

28 May 2020

Our two latest podcasts feature experts at the universities of East Anglia, Essex and Kent discussing issues around testing for coronavirus and wellbeing during lockdown.

In Episode 4, Prof Mark Smales (Kent) explains how scientists currently test for Covid, and looks forward to two alternative forms of testing that are in the pipeline.

He is joined by Dr Javier Andreu Perez (Essex) and Prof Carl Philpott (UEA) who discuss other symptoms that may be used as a basis for Covid testing.

In Episode 5, Professor Anne Marie Minihane (UEA), Dr Valerie Gladwell (Essex) and  Dr Glen Davison (Kent) discuss what we mean by wellbeing, how lockdown has impacted on it, and what we can do to keep healthy and well in the current situation.

To hear all of our podcasts, go to our podcast index page. If you have an idea for a future episode, get in touch with our Director, Phil Ward.

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