Episode 4: Testing for Covid-19, now and in the future

14 May 2020

The British government has been struggling to meet the demand for Covid-19 tests. But how does testing work, and are there alternatives?

In this episode of the Eastern Arc Podcast series, Prof Mark Smales (Kent) explains how scientists currently test for Covid, and looks forward to two alternative forms of testing that are in the pipeline.

He is joined by Dr Javier Andreu Perez (Essex) and Prof Carl Philpott (UEA) who discuss other symptoms that may be used as a basis for Covid testing.

Javier is developing an app that analyses a patient’s cough, and should give an initial indication of whether they need to seek medical help for the disease. Carl, meanwhile, looks at smell loss, and explains why it has now been formally included in the World Health Organisation’s list of official symptoms for Covid-19.


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