Episode 3: Using networks to develop research collaborations

16 April 2020

Research funding calls have increasingly short deadlines, and sometimes the research that is needed is in response to pressing external events – like the Covid-19 pandemic.

But how can researchers develop collaborations quickly in order to respond to these tight timeframes? Dr Gina Reinhardt (Essex) and Dr Jeremy Rossman (Kent) talk about two networks of which they’re part:

  • Disaster and Emergency Research Network (DERN), which brings together those working on research to mitigate and combat the disasters caused by climate change, natural events, technological failures, epidemics, and more. Within the network, members share new and cutting-edge work, help increase each other’s visibility, publicise events, and create collaborations for grants, white papers, research papers, presentations to international organisations, and more.
  • Research-Aid Networks, a collaborative interdisciplinary network of researchers, aid organisations and the communities they serve, enabling cost-effective, evidence-based community development and humanitarian aid.

Photo by mark chaves on Unsplash


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