Episode 2: Returning to normality after coronavirus

15 April 2020

How do we return to normality after the Covid-19 lockdown?  Dr Gina Reinhardt (Essex) and Dr Jeremy Rossman (Kent) discuss how different countries are currently managing, the actions that now need to be taken, and the possible timeframe for reclaiming our previous lives.

Professor Diana Bell (UEA) looks at how the wild meat trade needs to be reformed if we are to avoid future zoonotic pandemics. We finished on a brief note of optimism: how could the world be changed for the better after this is all over?

This is the second of a two part podcast on the coronavirus pandemic; the first part examined the origins of the coronavirus, and what we can learn from other disasters about how our response to the pandemic should be managed.

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash


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