Episode 17: ‘Deplorables’ and the deep web: beyond the liberal consensus

09 June 2021

With the rise in populism in the second half of the last decade, together with a widespread belief in conspiracies and the use of social media and other technology to gain access to people, products and services that were previously off-limits, how do researchers engage without being seen as complicit?

Our 17th podcast differs from our previous editions. Rather than having a panel of experts, we hear from a single colleague who delivers an individual talk. The speaker is Prof Alan Finlayson, Professor of Political & Social Theory at UEA, His talk is taken from our conference 2021. He describes the idea of ‘political theory in the wild’, and how important it is to go beyond the seminar room to engage with disruptive and divisive individuals and movements.

Photo on listing by little plant on Unsplash

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