Understanding the challenges faced by mid-career researchers

19 April 2023

There has been an increasing awareness, in recent years, of the challenges faced by mid-career researchers (MCRs) and the need to support them in overcoming these. However, evidence for this has been somewhat anecdotal. Eastern Arc has secured some funding to better evidence the need, and it is working with WIASN to do so.

Do you have some time to help them in this? There are two opportunities to do so: 

  • Survey: if you have time, please complete this questionnaire, and pass it on to others who may have relevant knowledge or experience
  • Interviews: we aim to interview at least nine members of staff. If you are willing to take part, get in touch with Kelly at WIASN (kelly@wiasn.com). We’re looking for either:
    • staff who consider themselves mid-career;
    • staff who consider themselves later career and can reflect on their mid-career experiences; or
    • staff involved in developing and delivering training and development for mid-career academics (this could be researcher development or similar staff).

Help with this would be enormously beneficial to both current colleagues and those who will follow you, and I would strongly encourage you to take part, if you are able. 

If you have any questions do get in touch with Phil Ward (Director of Eastern Arc) or Kelly Pickard-Smith (Director of WIASN). 

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