Two new EARC champions for Sustainability theme at UEA

01 April 2022

Following the end of Brian Reid’s term as Associate Dean for Innovation at UEA, he has stepped down from his role as EARC champion for the Sustainability, Natural Resources and Food theme.

We are delighted to announce that two colleagues have stepped up to be his successor. Drs Christa Brunnschweiler and Avidan Kent are involved in the ClimateUEA initiative, and bring to the cross-consortium collaboration a strong track record of interdisciplinary work in areas including economic development, natural resource management, migration and environmental law.

  • Dr Christa Brunnschweiler is an Associate Professor of Economics. Her research interests include economic growth and development, particularly in resource economics and conflict studies. She has recently been studying how we can change attitudes and behaviour for better natural resource management using behavioural economics.
  • Dr Avidan Kent is an Associate Professor in International Law. Avidan is the Founder and Convenor of UEA’s International Law Research Group, and is interested in areas including international environment law, public participation and climate-induced migration.

‘It is wonderful that Christa and Avidan will be joining us, and I know that they will be very strong advocates for the collaboration,’ said Phil Ward, the Director of the consortium. ‘Their research has demonstrated their creativity and innovation in working with diverse stakeholders including colleagues in government, NGOs, and the third sector, as well as other academics and researchers. I speak on behalf of the other champions in welcoming them, and look forward to working closely with them to develop new avenues, new links and new initiatives that will benefit those at all three universities.

‘I would also like to thank Brian for all his work in supporting the initial launch and development of the Sustainability theme. His input has been invaluable in embedding the theme and making the connections necessary to start forging the links across the consortium.’

Christa and Avidan will be joining Prof Graham Underwood (Essex) and Prof Karen Jones (Kent). For more on the Sustainability theme, go to our dedicated webpage, here.

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