Transdisciplinary research: Kent-hosted lecture series

16 September 2021

The University of Kent will be hosting a lecture series exploring transdisciplinary research. The series is sponsored by the Wellcome Trust and is open to colleagues across Eastern Arc and beyond. 

Transdisciplinarity ‘involves intense interaction between academics and practitioners in order to promote a mutual learning process between them.’ (Steiner and Posch, 2006, 4). This lecture series will promote discussion in transdisciplinary collaboration in the Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. Experts in collaborative research will explore the creation of networks and relationships, modes of analysis and investigation, knowledge production, and offer their own insight into transdisciplinary research.

The series will take place between 29 Sept to 1 Dec. Full details are available here (pdf).  

The lecture series will be followed by workshops to understand wider issues of inclusivity, environment, and expectations around transdisciplinarity. These will be open to colleagues at the University of Kent, East Anglia and Essex. More details to follow shortly.

Photo by Edmond Dantès from Pexels

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