Training for ECRs: Leadership and building your team

10 March 2020

Early career researchers (ECRs) from across Eastern Arc are invited to take part in two events taking place at Kent on 18 March.

Developing, supporting and training our researchers is central to the work of Eastern Arc. It forms part of our new Strategy, and we have been active in Wellcome’s work in ‘reimagining’ the wider research environment to make it more creative, supportive and diverse. 

Led by Anthony Brister of AB Coaching, these sessions will focus on leadership and building up a team. Space is limited, so contact Helen Leech if you want more information or to sign up for either or both events.

The event is free, and there are a limited number of travel bursaries available for those who do not have an institutional travel or conference budget. To apply for these, contact Phil Ward.

10:00-12:00 Leadership: rising to the challenge

Leadership is one of the most researched and written upon subjects – and probably still one of the least understood.  All organisations need good leaders at every level.  Developing leadership skills will help in many areas of life and also make you more attractive to employers.  This session is intended to motivate and support participants in developing leadership skills through a blend of theory and practice.

In this session you will:

  • examine the areas in which you need to lead yourself in order to lead others;
  • examine different approaches to leading others and how to choose the best ones for different circumstances;
  • commit to action.

13:00-15:00 Building and Developing Effective Teams

Building and developing effective teams is an essential element of leadership. In this session you will examine effective teams and how to build and develop them.  You will consider:

  • the nature of teams;
  • team cohesion and development;
  • the characteristics, differences and roles of team members;

as well as committing to put into practice what you have learnt on the day.

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