Technicians’ Network secures funding for launch event

28 March 2023

The new Eastern Arc Technicians’ Network has been successful in getting funding from the Gatsby Foundation for its launch event in the summer.

‘This is great news, and a real vote of confidence for the work the Network is doing,’ said Phil Ward, Director of Eastern Arc.

‘I’d like to thank all of the Network Steering Group, and in particular the co-leads Jo Scamp, Phil Wilson and Chris Spice for all their hard work in developing the programme for the event and working with colleagues to put the proposal together.’

‘It’s going to be an amazing event, with practical help, support and discussion. I’d encourage technicians at all three universities to sign up for it.’

The summer symposium is due to take place at the University of Essex, which has committed additional funding to support the event through the Research England QR allocation for enhancing research culture.

Details of the event and how to register will be available shortly.

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