PS staff and technicians: Would you be interested in joining our mentoring scheme?

29 June 2023

The Eastern Arc mentoring scheme has run successfully for the past three years, and over 135 academics have taken part in it. The feedback has been very positive, including one mentee who described the experience as ‘life-changing.’
Up until now it has been aimed at academics, but we want to open it up and extend it to professional services staff and technicians. Before we take that step, we want to gauge the interest and potential for doing so, and understand any issues there might be.
To this end we’ve prepared a very short feedback form. It should only take a couple of minutes to complete, but we’d really appreciate you completing it if you are interested in taking part in the scheme. The deadline for submitting a response is 31 July. If there’s enough interest, we hope to open up the scheme in the new academic year.

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