New Technicians’ Network established

01 March 2023

Technicians from across EARC visiting the Productivity East facilities at UEA

All three Eastern Arc universities recognise the importance of technicians and technical staff across all areas and the vital part they play in delivering the very best student experience, internationally recognised research and innovation, and support for the community.

Through the national Technician Commitment programme, they have pledged to support the visibility, recognition, career development, sustainability and impact of all technicians.

Following this commitment, we have established a Technicians’ Network to provide a supportive cross-institutional community by technicians for technicians.

It builds on the work of the TALENT Commission, which has provided an invaluable framework for technicians nationally.

The Network is being led by a steering group of technicians which is currently developing a launch symposium in the summer, and Eastern Arc has provided funding for them to do so. If you are a technician at the University of East Anglia, Essex or Kent and want to find out more, or get involved, do get in touch with us.

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