New community of common interest: Race, ethnicity and decolonialisation

02 September 2021

In the spring we hosted a webinar and short podcast series on ‘decolonising the curriculum’. We were joined by colleagues working across the three EARC universities to counter embedded racism and provide a positive, inclusive framework for both students and staff.

As part of this, we agreed to develop a ‘community of common interest’ of those at the Eastern Arc universities with an interest in the wider issues of racism and discrimination, whether that be through their research, their teaching and learning, or through personal or professional experience.

Today we are launching the first iteration of this list, and it is available here.

We recognise that it is a starting point for conversations, discussions and collaborations, and will inevitably be incomplete. To help make it more comprehensive, do contact us with suggestions of those to include, whether that be yourself or others.

The participants in the original webinar are continuing to discuss their work, and we will be looking at other initiatives going on across the universities at an institutional level. By doing so, we hope that we can support and facilitate links within and between the universities that will enable the sharing of knowledge, experience and good practice.

If you want to play an active part in this, do get in touch. 

Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

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