New community of common interest: human-digital interaction

12 November 2021

A new ‘community of common interest’ (CCI) has been developed around human-digital interaction. CCIs are a way for us to map and understand our strengths in a particular area, and to allow colleagues to link with others working in common or complementary areas across EARC.

Technology is increasingly ubiquitous and we are ever more reliant on it to inform us, to amuse us, to work for us, to care for us, to protect us. This reliance comes at a cost, and we need to vigilant as to what we lose and what we gain in accepting the digital.

Researchers across Eastern Arc are working on both the technology itself, but also on the societal, economic and personal issues that come with it. Our community of common interest in this area is broad and wide ranging, taking in machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and brain-computer interface. We also have sociologists and legal experts looking at the wider implications of our new relationships with technology.

To access our new CCI, click here. If you want to discover our other CCIs, click here. 

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