Ministry of Justice: slides and recording from webinar now available

24 February 2021

A recording and slides from yesterday’s webinar on the Ministry of Justice’s areas of research interest (ARIs) are now available.

ARIs were developed in response to Professor Sir Paul Nurse’s review of research councils in 2014.

They are a way for government departments to set out the strategic research questions to which they need answers in the short to medium term.

The should be seen as the beginning of a conversation rather than an end in themselves. The speakers at the webinar set out the MoJ’s evidence needs over the next 3 to 5 years, aligned with the department’s strategic objectives for the system. It will use these as a basis to engage with academics and research organisations from across the justice research landscape and the disciplinary spectrum.

The recording and slides are available on our events page, here, under the drop-down for the webinar. If those who attended wish to get in touch with Sarah or Ben, they are happy to be contacted via

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