‘Mental Health and Vulnerable Adults’: seminar registration now open

29 November 2021

Registration for our fourth seminar on mental health and the life course is now open. It is free and open to all, and will take place at 1pm on 2 February 2022. Click here to sign up. 

The idea of ‘safeguarding’ is a relatively new term, brought into law through the Care Act of 2014. However, the need for such protection is long-standing, and historic cases of abuse of children and vulnerable adults are continuing to come to light. In this, the third of our seminars on mental health and the life course, we will look at the issues facing vulnerable adults, particularly those with mental health issues, and what is being done to support and safeguard those who are affected.
To discuss these issues we have brought together three colleagues from across Eastern Arc with a range of research and lived experience.
  • Dr Joanne Hodgekins (Psychology, UEA) is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Senior Lecturer at Norwich Medical School. For the past 15 years, Jo has been involved in research with people with psychosis and young people who may be at risk of developing psychosis. Jo has a particular interest in using psychological interventions to improve social and functional outcomes for people with psychosis and those who may be at risk of long-term social disability following mental health difficulties. She is also interested in the way in which such outcomes may be measured and developed an adapted version of the UK Time Use Survey for this purpose.
  • Leanne Taylor (Law, Kent) is a qualified social worker and worked for Kent County Council as a mental health social worker and an approved social worker until the late 2000s. She leads social work modules in areas relating to the law and child protection, mental capacity, mental health and adult social care. She also gives workshops on matters relating to social work practice in mental health services, and is a panel member on the First Tier Tribunal (Mental Health) for HM Courts and Tribunals Service. Leanne was part of the University of Kent’s Trans Awareness in Social Work project and provides workshops on social work with transgender and non binary people.
  • Dr Danny Taggart (Health and Social Care, Essex) has a longstanding experience in the area of public participation in health and social care services and is Lead for Service User and Carer Engagement at the University. This work has become focused on the ways that trauma survivors can engage safely with public bodies and he is currently working with a number of survivor groups around trauma informed models of engagement. He has just returned from two years working at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse where he was the Clinical Lead and Principal Psychologist for the Truth Project, which heard from over 5,000 survivors of child sexual abuse.

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

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