Imaging Platform Alliance: memorandum of understanding signed

04 November 2022

A state-of-the-art Zeiss Gemini 300 scanning electron microscope (SEM) at UEA.

The sharing of large, strategic and platform equipment between the Eastern Arc universities has come a step closer with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the development of an Imaging Platform Alliance.

‘This is an important step forward for the Consortium,’ said Phil Ward, Director of Eastern Arc. ‘We have been working for some time to develop a framework by which colleagues can access and use equipment at each of the universities.

The Alliance sees this being put into practice. Each of the universities has significant microscopes and other imaging facilities (such as the recently-awarded lightsheet microscope at Essex), and making these available will both enable world class research to take place, but also facilitate collaborations and closer links between colleagues at three universities.’

The MoU relates to large, strategic equipment and facilities, and makes clear that the Alliance should be as unbureaucratic as possible. ‘This will be crucial,’ said Ward. ‘If the process is difficult and drawn out, people won’t engage. It should be as easy to access equipment at a partner institution as it is at your own.’

A working group is currently working to finalise these details, and it is hoped that the Alliance will launch in 2023.

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