Heritage and the climate crisis: EARC academic writes for the Heritage Alliance

02 November 2022

Prof David Gill, who lead the EARC-funded report on the contribution of heritage assets to the Eastern Arc region, has written a short article for the Heritage Alliance in the run up to its debate on ‘Heritage in 20 years: what will matter most’.

Prof Gill identified ways in which heritage assets have been saved in the past, including the moving of Orford Ness lighthouse and the creation of sea defences to protect Reculver fort.

As well as considering how the assets can be saved, Gill also considered the part that heritage assets play in lessening their impact by reducing CO2 emissions. ‘There are no easy answers,’ concludes Gill ‘but time is running out for finding solutions—easy or otherwise.’

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Golden Reculver” by Keith Marshall is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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