First meeting of the EARC Technicians’ Network

16 September 2021

Eastern Arc works to encourage and support partnerships and collaborations between our universities and across our region, to share best practice, to explore new opportunities, and to work together for mutual benefit.

One area we can do so is in supporting our technicians. Each of the three EARC universities recognises technicians as an essential part of the research and teaching ecosystem, and have signed up to the Technician Commitment, to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians working across all disciplines.

As part of this we want to explore what we can do to help and support our technicians and their career development. We have some ideas – as set out in this proposal – but we believe that it is vital that technicians themselves are involved in deciding what is appropriate, relevant and useful to them in their work. They should, where possible, take ownership and lead the initiative.

As a first step towards this we are hosting an initial meeting of our technicians’ network at 2pm on 19 October to discuss the ideas set out in the proposal, whether they are relevant and of value to you and your work, and to hear about areas or initiatives that we might have missed.

The event is free and open to all technicians at UEA, Essex and Kent. Do join us by signing up here  and we look forward to seeing you on 19th. 

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

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