Eastern Arc universities’ UKRI Future Leaders Fellows

19 October 2020

Last week it was announced that the three Eastern Arc universities had secured funding for five Future Leaders Fellows.

The FLF scheme was launched in 2018 to support early career researchers and innovators with outstanding potential to tackle ambitious and challenging research and innovation and develop their own careers.

The FLFs at the EARC universities are undertaking a broad range of research, from looking at the efficacy of vanadium compounds in treating cancer, to reducing reoffending, and the social impact of AI.

Their work reflects the exciting work going on across EARC, and the quality of those who are undertaking it.

‘This a great news for UEA, Essex and Kent,’ said Phil Ward, Director of Eastern Arc. ‘The Future Leaders Fellowship is an incredibly competitive scheme, with only 40-100 fellows being awarded nationally in each round to all of the UK’s universities, businesses, research centres and institutes.

‘The fact that five of those went to EARC universities demonstrates the excellence and excitement of the work taking place across the Arc, and we are very proud of the winners, as well as our wider academic community that undertakes such outstanding work.’

The five will join the three previous FLFs at the EARC universities: Dr Jennifer Hiscock, Dr Asaf Karagila, and Dr Alper Akay. The full list of winners is available here.


Easter Arc Future Leader Fellows
Riane Lord (UEA) Chemical and biological investigations of new vanadium compounds: determining their potential in the treatment of cancer
Daragh Murray (Essex) What does Artificial Intelligence Mean for the Future of Democratic Society? Examining the societal impact of AI and whether human rights can respond
Martha Newson (Kent) Righting recidivism: unlocking the cognitive underpinnings of successful interventions to reduce reoffending
Gavin Sullivan (Kent) Infra-Legalities: Global Security Infrastructures, Artificial Intelligence and International Law
Matthew Wallace (UEA) NMR imaging for the accelerated discovery of drugs and materials

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