Eastern Arc contributes to the ‘Discovery Decade’

24 February 2023

Eastern Arc was one of ten regional and national groups invited by CaSE – the Campaign for Science and Engineering – to contribute to its Discovery Decade programme.

The programme seeks to understand the role that research and development has on people’s lives, and how universities can better share this with the communities of which they’re part. Universities such as UEA, Essex and Kent are regional, but those living close to them don’t always realise the world-leading research that is going on within them.

Discovery Decade is looking at what universities can do to share the excitement and knowledge of cutting-edge research. This can include close, community connections and collaborations, and working with non-academic R&D champions to celebrate work that is making a difference and having a positive effect on people’s futures.

To find out more about the work of the Discovery Decade, and to read the report, go to the CaSE website. In addition you can take part in its webinar, which will take place on 28 February.


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