Eastern Arc Annual Report 2021-22 published

23 February 2023

After the turbulence of the pandemic, 2021-22 felt like a return to normality – in some form. Covid-19 had shaken us and forced us to re-evaluate how we live and how we work. Once the danger had lessened we all took the time to consider what our priorities should be going forward.

In our Annual Report 2021-22, published today, we set out what those priorities should be, and how we have worked to achieve them. We have explored our roles as civic universities, and how we can – and should – work with our region for our region, using our world-leading research for the benefit of the communities of which we’re part. 

To find out more, click here for a pdf version, or find it on our Issuu bookshelf, together with all our other publications.

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