EARC special collections and archives web portal launched

02 December 2020

The Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, UEA

The Eastern Arc universities are home to outstanding art collections, rare archives and unique repositories. Today we launched a new web portal to explore these.

Arranged into five categories, the portal offers a ‘shop window’ on the archives and special collections we host.

Through it, you can discover what opportunities there are to access them for your research or your own personal interests.

The radical founding principles of UEA, Essex and Kent allowed us to think differently about what should be preserved, and how it should be curated.

The British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent

The ESCALA Collection, University of Essex

We had the freedom to focus on new areas of study, from political cartoons and stand-up comedy, to regional film-making and the art of Latin America. We also had the opportunity to think imaginatively about how objects and artefacts are brought together and displayed in the same space.

By doing so, we enabled our users to consider connections and commonality, the links that tie together our lives and our history, and the differences that highlight the contrasts, clashes and conflicts.

To find out more about our collections, and to access the portal, click here. For more information, contact Phil Ward. 

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