Call for expressions of interest in leading our collaborative themes

29 May 2020

Earlier this year we launched our Strategy 2020-25, which aims to deliver real and tangible change through a close collaboration to address pressing issues of sustainable development.

To this end we mapped our collective strengths at the end of last year, and identified four broad areas in which we share world-leading research. They are:

  • Health systems, social care and wellbeing
  • Human rights, equality and conflict
  • Sustainability, natural resources and food
  • Culture, connection and creativity.

We’re now seeking ‘thematic champions’ in each of these areas. In difficult times it’s a real opportunity to work with colleagues beyond our own faculty and university, and to develop a positive, creative and potentially very productive collaboration.

To find out more go to the call page, or contact our Director to talk informally about the role.

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