Funding Opportunities within our Themes

An important part of our work within the thematic priorities is to identify funding opportunities that will support our collaborations, facilitate our research, and enable us to work keep pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge in each area.

To do so, we have been working in partnership with Research Professional to create live lists of current calls and schemes.

Research Professional holds an exhaustive list of all the research and innovation funding opportunities available to those working in the UK.

Included in the list are all opportunities with a closing date of more than two months away, with a value that is either £20k or more (or those where neither amount nor deadline has been specified). They cover both smaller, individual grants and fellowships, and larger, strategic calls.

The lists are available to all those who work at our universities; click on the logos below to access the one relevant to your area. You can either login with your institutional account, or set up your own individual one. If you have any problems with accessing it, contact us.

Thematic Priority Areas covered include
Cybersecurity; Creativity; Social Networks & Social Media; Social Effects of Internet; Arts; Film; Interactive Media; Virtual Economy; Virtual, Simulated & Augmented Reality; Creative Writing; Information Society; Communication, Cultural & Media Studies; Library & Information Management; Literature;  Fiction.
Health Systems; Health Promotion; Counselling & Talking Therapies; Social Work & Social Care; Health of Minority Groups; Access to Health Care; Mental Health; Social Aspects of Mental Health; Psychiatric & Mental Health;  Nursing; Telemedicine; Exercise Physiology; Dietary Guidelines; Cancer Diagnosis; Cancer Immunology; Oncology ; Psychology of Ageing; Geriatric Nursing; Geriatrics & Gerontology; Alzheimer’s Disease & Senile Dementia.
Civil & Human Rights; Access to Justice; Social & Income Inequality; Equal Educational Opportunity; Women’s Rights; Disadvantaged & Minority Groups; Prejudice & Discrimination; Civil Conflicts & Revolutions; Domestic Violence & Familial Abuse; Violence & Violent Crime; Rape, Sex Crimes & Sexual Abuse; Police & Law Enforcement; Immigrants & Migrants; Racism & Race Relations; Feminist, Women’s & Gender Studies; Criminal & Antisocial Behaviour; Crimes Against Humanity; Crime & Justice Policy; Causes & Prevention of Crime; Social Security & Welfare; International Security; National Security; Civil Law; Criminology; Law.
Sustainability Accounting; Sustainable Agriculture; Sustainable Development & Resource Use; Natural Resource Economics; Natural Resources Law; Use & Management of Natural Resources; Agricultural Economics; Ecological Economics; Forest Economics; Fisheries Economics & Management; Environmental Economics & Natural Capital; Economic Geology; Food Security; Soil Conservation; Environmental Conservation & Biodiversity; Environmental Impact Assessment; Ecological Impacts of Climate Change; Environmentally Sensitive Areas.