A seismic shift: How can we work across boundaries to make change happen?

Laura Bardon (Quadram Institute Biosciences), Khanh Mach (Quorn Foods), Beth Metson (Soil Association Exchange), and Clara Widdison (Nesta)

The conference begins with a provocation: our food system is in a state of crisis, and it will require a significant ‘orchestration’ to address it. The sessions that follow examine different elements of the crisis, and the initiatives that have been launched to overcome these.

The final plenary draws together these threads and looks at where we go from here. Can we make wholesale change happen? Can we engage producers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers, as well as government and policymakers, to work together to transition the system to a more sustainable and beneficial footing?

The speakers bring significant and diverse experience and knowledge to the discussion. Representing different stages of the food chain and different perspectives from it, the starting point for their discussion is a fundamental one: how do we ensure that consumers have access to a nutritious, healthy and sustainable diet?

The session is an opportunity to look forward and understand what needs to be done – and what is being done – to trigger the seismic shift necessary to overcome our current crisis.

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