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Synthetic Biology Seminar Series

We are happy to announce the first University of Kent FireBIO seminar jointly supported by Eastern ARC Synthetic Biology. Everyone is welcome.

09 February 2016

Dr Steve Andrews is presenting the topic : “Using stochastic modeling to understand high fidelity cell signaling” at 1 pm on Thursday, 11 February, Ingram Lecture Theatre (ILT), University of Kent

Dr Steve Andrews, from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA, is the main inventor of Smoldyn, a stochastic simulation programme for cellular spatial dynamics, which is adapted in numerous biological studies.

He is also kindly giving a tutorial on Smoldyn after the talk at 2-3 pm in KBSX3 (Kent Business School extension). There are still spaces available. Please contact Dr Chieh Hsu (pictured !) if you’re interested in attending.