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Synthetic Biology : No Time Like the Present

Eastern ARC is happy to announce the student-led symposium "Synthetic Biology, No Time Like The Present" at University of Kent on Friday 15th July.

23 May 2016

Devised by Kent postgraduate students, Linas TamoŇ°aitis, Alex Cook, Ronan Egan and Rukmini Jonnalagadda,¬†this FREE one-day symposium, will explore how synthetic biology is currently being applied for change, and what the future holds across three sessions: open biology, academic research and industry. We invite postgraduate students to join us and exchange ideas in this exciting discipline, participate in the poster session and introduce their research. The event is sponsored by Eastern ARC and member university attendees will receive discounts for accommodation.

deadline June 17th

Twitter: @SynBio_eARC
Facebook: SynEARC