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Success for Eastern ARC in Synthetic Biology

Eastern ARC Research Fellow in Synthetic Biology, Ben Miller, from the UEA has been awarded the fourth annual G-Prize by Gen9. Gen9 is a manufacturer of synthetic DNA used to construct genes, pathways, genomes and organisms that will enable the next generation of breakthroughs in biology. This, there 4th annual prize, was awarded for creative usage of synthetic biology to accelerate research development.

04 October 2016

A panel of independent judges selected Ben’s proposal for the prize for his proposal for re-wiring signalling circuits in plants by decoding calcium signals. His research will provide insight into yield and productivity constraints placed on plants by high-stress environmental conditions, and will create a system for the discovery of new biotechnology targets to improve crop performance.

Ben will receive 500,000 base pairs of synthetic DNA manufactured on Gen9’s BioFab® platform. For more information about Ben’s win and the G-Prize click here