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Eastern ARC-funded workshop a success at the University of Essex

We spoke to Essex Business School's Adeola Adekemi to find out how her Quantitative Social Science (QSS) seed-corn funded workshop is helping colleagues to kick-start their careers in academia.

19 July 2018

Adeola Adekemi (Debby), a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Essex Business School, used her QSS Eastern ARC seed-corn funding award to run a one-day workshop entitled, ‘Starting your career in academia: Business, Accounting and Finance’.

“The purpose of the event was to create opportunities for networking, research collaboration and building capacity and research expertise,” she explained.

Focusing on publishing and quantitative analysis techniques, Debby hoped that the workshop would enable participants to start a write-up that could be submitted to a reputable journal. After a needs assessment and discussions with colleagues and senior lecturers, the original workshop sessions were modified to address issues identified as the most pressing and important.

Debby stressed: “One crucial point was that each session had to be practical, engaging and relevant”. The final sessions were:

  • Research: ideas, presentation and dissemination
  • Acquiring data for research in accounting and finance
  • Preparing for interview in a business school: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Finding a journal to publish in
  • Shut up and write

Participants at the workshop, which was held at the University of Essex, agreed the event helped to improve their skills and confidence.

Debby added: “The workshop was a success. The sessions were spot-on, compact, relevant and useful. I was glad it had a great impact. After the workshop, some of the participants said that they would have loved to have the experience earlier.”