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FireBio/SynBio Seminar Series

The next seminar in the SynBio seminar series, "A Radical View of Iron Mineralization in Ferritins", will take place on 2 June at University of Kent. Delivered by Professor Nick Le Brun of UEA, the event runs from 13:00 and takes place in Ingram Lecture Theatre.

31 May 2016

Ferritins are ubiquitous 24mer nanocage proteins that contain multiple di-iron sites (ferroxidase centres) that catalyse the oxidation of Fe(II) leading to formation of a ferric-oxy mineral core. These proteins both detoxify iron and provide a metabolic store of this essential micronutrient. In this seminar, Prof Nick Le Brun will discuss recent advances in understanding the different mechanisms by which ferritins mineralise iron, including the role of Tyr radicals in this process. The robust cage structure of ferritins has potential for biotechnological applications.  Some discussion of preliminary work towards this goal will be featured.

Dr Chieh Hsu
Dr Anastasios Tsaousis

Dr Chieh Hsu
Eastern ARC Research Fellow

School of Biosciences
University of Kent
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