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FIREBIO/E ARC Seminar 10 March 2016

Eastern ARC colleagues are invited to attend the next FIREBio/EARC SynBio seminar which will be delivered by Dr Heather Harrington, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. Seminar Title :  Parameter-free methods for comparing Wnt signaling models with data

04 March 2016

In this talk I will focus on a specific signaling pathway of gene regulation and present a new method for analysing models from systems biology. The focus of these techniques will be a set of models of the Wnt signaling pathway, which is involved in development, adult tissue cells and cancer.

We propose a new mechanistic model that includes spatial localization, compare this model and existing models from the literature to data. We develop and employ statistical and algebraic approaches– focusing on both parameter-dependent and parameter-independent methods to compare and reject models. Specifically we use ideas from chemical reaction network theory, computational algebraic geometry, algebraic combinatorics and statistics to study the Wnt signaling system, enabling us to inform design of experiments and reject a competing Wnt model. The techniques are applicable to other problems in systems biology.

Event Details : Thursday 10 March at 13:00 in the Ingram LT.

To attend and for further details, please contact Dr Chieh Hsu
School of Biosciences, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NJ, UK Office: Stacey 103B, +44 (0)1227 816474Lab: Stacey 110 & 125